13 Jun 2024

Pet Shampoo

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  • Pet Shampoo
Pet Shampoo Pet Shampoo

Natural pet shampoo, that doesn't strip their coat and skin of its natural protective oils. Helping to leave them clean, nourished and cared for. 

Our shampoo bars come in recyclable aluminum containers, making them easy to store in a bathroom or take with you on days out.

Our charcoal shampoo was formulated to care for the skin and coat, help soothe itchy skin and most of all remove odors - specially fox poop!

Our Neem shampoo was designed to help soothe the skin, and help defend against fleas and ticks. Great for horses and dogs

Our Clay shampoo is for those with very sensitive skin or damaged skin. Clay will absorb toxins from the skin, helping to relieve irritations and allergies. Can be used on all skin types including small animals and cats.